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Origin and Cause

Origin and Cause social media strategy

Building a B2B brand on social media

How a comprehensive social strategy helped a nationwide company stay connected

The social channels, they are a-changin’

A social media presence is a necessary and often integral part of a business’s marketing strategy, regardless of the industry in which it operates. Hop Skip Marketing has been supporting Origin and Cause’s marketing efforts, including their LinkedIn and Twitter social profiles, for over a decade. During that time, Facebook developed into a business tool and Instagram launched. It was important to keep pace with the current business landscape. As such, the time had come to further evolve Origin and Cause’s social media marketing strategy.

Origin and Cause is Canada’s largest consulting forensic engineer and fire investigation firm with 16 offices across the country. They employ dozens of highly qualified field experts in every major engineering disciple: fire and explosion investigation, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, materials and metallurgical engineering, structural engineering, chemical engineering, drone services as well as forensic litigation.

The case for a stronger social media presence

Over the last 30 years, Origin and Cause have built a strong client base. To continue growing, they needed to reach new insurance adjusters, lawyers, contractors and risk managers who were unfamiliar with their business. A strong social media presence would allow them to expand their audience through their employees’ social networks.

Origin and Cause also invest a lot of time and effort into producing different types of content on a monthly basis. New social media channels would create additional avenues to extend the reach of their content.

And with so many forensic experts and clients spread out from coast to coast, the social media platforms would provide the perfect medium to disseminate consistent brand messaging.

Laying the foundation for a solid social strategy

Hop Skip built a full social media marketing strategy, including new profiles on Facebook and Instagram and updated their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Hop Skip also developed a robust LinkedIn strategy to leverage the platform as a tool to grow regional and departmental relationships. We analyzed each employee’s LinkedIn account and provided internal training with best practices on improving their profiles and engaging with content to increase their likes, shares and comments.

An email posts daily content on Origin and Cause’s social media channels.  The team is notified of the post and can either share the content for those experts who don’t have the capacity to post and share, Hop Skip does so on their behalf with content that’s useful to their followers.

Increasing reach across platforms

The social media marketing strategy launched successfully with all four profiles experiencing an uptick in engagement. Over the last year, Origin and Cause’s Facebook following has increased by 69%; Instagram by 20%; Twitter by 196% and LinkedIn by 33%. Impressions are also up across the board. And a year after our enhanced social media strategy was deployed, the number of visits to LinkedIn and Twitter increased by 2206% and 617.5%, respectively.

If your business is struggling to maintain a consistent social media presence that’s producing measurable results, give Hop Skip Marketing a call to discuss how we can help.

“Hop Skip Marketing has done a fantastic job at melding into our company, becoming one of us, and running our marketing needs. Their greatest strength is juggling large and complicated initiatives, and doing it fast! With their 50+ years of combined experience in the industry, it has fashioned this team into marketing strategists of the highest calibre, and seasoned experts that are kind and a delight to be around. It has been a pleasure working and learning from this team. The businesses that work with this team will benefit from their expertise! Keep it up Hop Skip!”

George Costandi

Business Development Manager, Origin and Cause

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