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Reels, Really?

Is there a place for reels, a.k.a. short social media videos, in B2B?

Over the last year, we’ve produced shorts for clients in a range of industries and we really like the results we’ve seen. First and foremost, reels have reach, meaning that a lot of people see them. Unlike a regular post, they get seen by people who don’t follow you, as well as your followers. So they get your name and message out there! We have the stats to prove it.

hop skip's Tania Stadnik Here are three more insights for you:

#1  Save your moneyInexpensive works
Take the “wellness week” promo below that we made for Oakville spa/boutique Monterella. It is proof that reels don’t have to have a high production value to get views. On social media, people are happy to watch shorts that are self-shot on a phone or “homemade”. Hop Skip made this reel in about an hour and it has been played over 800 times, equating to 28 minutes of total “watch time”.

#2  Short, simple content is ideal
Keeping the subject matter limited to one thing makes it easier to speak off the top of your head and stay within the short timeframe (30 to 60 seconds). Below is the first-ever reel made for our client Alleen. In this video, we highlight one product and invite buyers to visit the showroom. An “intro video” like this is a great starting point for people who don’t know what you sell.

#3  The hardest part is …
For most Hop Skip clients, the hardest part of making reels is speaking naturally on camera. We liken this to the discomfort most of us have around cold calling: it’s really uncomfortable at first, but after a few tries, it gets easy. We also have a few tricks up our sleeve to make it easier for you, so don’t feel daunted.

Have we piqued your interest in reels? We’re happy to explain more and suggest reel topics we think would engage your buyers and customers.


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Reels in B2B

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