Three compelling reasons
to choose Hop Skip Marketing


/ Greater accountability /

Our success is measured by business generated and deliverables met. Because we are owner operators on contract to you we have a lot of stake in doing an exceptional job. To us success is a long term relationship with you and your recommendation of us to others. 


/ Costs less than an
internal hire /

In addition to salary, a traditional hire involves hidden costs like training and benefits, not to mention your time recruiting and interviewing. Because of this, Hop Skip Marketing is a less costly option than hiring a permanent mid- or senior-level marketer, and much more effective than a junior hire who’ll work less efficiently, require direction and will likely be ready to move on in one to two years. For accountability, expertise and good plain hard work, hire Hop Skip Marketing. 


/ More expeditious /

The hiring process is time consuming. Paired with the length of time it takes a new employee to get up to speed, a new hire will delay the start of your marketing—and the results—by a couple months at minimum. On the other hand, through the development of your strategy we’ll be well along the learning curve when it’s time to begin on marketing tactics.