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The challenge, accepted.

Origin and Cause is Canada’s largest consulting forensic engineering and fire investigation firm. A leader in the industry for more than 25 years, their coast-to-coast team completes over 30,000 forensic cases per year. Needless to say they’ve had little bandwidth to take on marketing, which is precisely why they turned to Hop Skip Marketing. Their ask: build a strategic marketing infrastructure that will increase brand awareness, and tactics that will contribute to revenue growth and their planned business expansion.


Getting Down to Business

Just as every forensic investigation relies on precise scientific methodologies, marketing relies on the science of a sound strategy and process. Our experience working within niche B2B markets has given us unique insights into data-driven digital strategies that generate even the hard-to-find leads.

Our two main goals for Origin and Cause were to:

  • Bring consistency to their marketing initiatives

  • Increase engagement with their target audience

Foundational tactics

We started by establishing their marketing strategy and messaging, including comprehensive competitor and keyword research that informed their position relative to competitors. To give the brand a firm stake in the ground against all other competitors in the market, we rolled out a national training tour to educate insurers on how they can subrogate faster, easier and cheaper throughout the claims process. In 30 days, the Origin and Cause team travelled across the country to 11 cities educating more than 400 people on subrogation claims.

The strategy is a win-win for both Origin and Cause and the insurance industry. Insurance agents attain requisite accredited professional development hours while Origin and Cause remains top-of-mind with insurance companies when there’s a fire to investigate.

The tour was such a success, Origin and Cause is increasing the number of cities they’re visiting this year. Pleased with attendance numbers, we will continue to increase this initiative year-over-year.

  • Competitive analysis

  • Education, training and certification


  • Marketing strategy

  • Keyword research

Awareness tactics

To support revenue growth and business expansion, we started rolling out tactics to generate net new leads and nurture them until they are ready to speak with the sales team. This effort includes digital and offline tactics that drive the right kind of traffic to the Origin and Cause website. Webinars is one of those successful tactics. Last year we educated over 500 people, including issuing completion certificates.

We also led a content strategy workshop, and developed a 12-month content calendar that included case studies, articles, press releases, white papers and infographics to be used in the lead nurture work.

Origin and Cause’s email newsletters have also proven successful through list segmentation for more targeted communication to clients and prospects.

  • Articles

  • White papers

  • Press releases

  • Email newsletters


  • Content strategy

  • Content calendar

  • Case studies

  • Webinars

Growth tactics

With awareness and lead generation tactics underway, we set our sights on building momentum. This meant we ramped up the content we were publishing, and took time to analyze and optimize based on the lead behaviour data we had been gathering; we made changes to things we knew were under-performing and expanded on high performing tactics.

  • Content marketing

  • Data analysis


  • Measurement and analytics

  • Lead generation


Making a Measurable Impact

Origin and Cause has grown leaps and bounds working with Hop Skip Marketing.

They continue to see significant increases in their web traffic year over year. In fact, they were up 46% last year from the previous year. Newsletter communications increased 187% in 2018. And Origin and Cause’s highly successful education program saw over 700 professionals trained last year via webinar or in-person. Today, Origin and Cause has grown to 15 offices across Canada – an enormous growth spurt that’s evidence of a winning marketing strategy.

“Hop Skip Marketing is what I would consider a group of marketing geniuses. They are a master of all trades; simply put they are wizards. They juggle large and complicated initiatives that need prompt execution and they get it done perfectly! With their +50 years combined experience in the industry, it has fashioned this team into marketing strategists of the highest caliber, and seasoned experts that are kind and a delight to be around. It has been a pleasure working and learning from this team. The businesses that work with this team will benefit from their expertise! Keep it up Hop Skip!”

- George Costandi, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Origin and Cause