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We’ve penetrated new markets and increased revenue year over year.

B2B custom packaging company Lorpon Labels has been a leader in manufacturing the kind of labels that take brands from back-of-the-shelf to stand out for over thirty years. It was time to invest the same amount of innovation and care into their own brand and marketing efforts. Our challenge was to reinvigorate a thirty-year-old brand by overhauling their digital experience, stimulating lead generation, and making a measurable splash in new market segments.


Getting Down to Business

When Lorpon Labels chose us to be their marketing team, we knew that the roadmap to results would be paved with clear KPIs, and an integrated marketing approach. The company needed a virtual rebirth to succeed in a digital marketplace - this could only be achieved with a new brand, new image, and new tools.

Based on our experience working with B2B companies, we knew that any new branding or marketing tactic we proposed would need to be backed up by a solid business plan. B2B leaders pin their success on answering the question “why?” before the question “how?”. So we came to the table with answers to both of those questions.


Lorpon Labels identified a few major obstacles in their growth plan:

1. Resonating with, and converting, a digital buyer.

The why - strategy

Their online presence—starting with brand messaging, look and feel—needed to do a better job at telling the Lorpon Label story. The numbers were showing that a brand with such an impressive track record of innovation in the industry simply wasn’t resonating at peak with a digital audience. If aggressive growth targets were going to be met, the first order of business would be to refresh the brand’s digital presence.

  • Thought leadership:
    11 Blogs, 1 Infographic,
    10 articles, 1 Video and
    4 case studies

The how - tactics

  • Rebranding and brand rollout

  • Website refresh

2. Quality leads from all directions.

The why - strategy

The business couldn’t just rely on leads from one or two sources in their race to the top. Traditional sources would need to be complemented by tapping into brand new ones. B2B companies often rely on a blended approach to allow for more granular (qualified) audience targeting, while still casting a wide net.

  • SEO & pay per click advertising

  • Trade shows

  • PR

The how - tactics

  • Sales and marketing alignment

  • Social media & social advertising

  • Email marketing

  • Direct mail campaigns

3. Find the love in new markets.

The why -
New markets are emerging left, right and centre in the packaging industry—Lorpon Labels needed to be there when these decision-makers were in their consideration phase. Implementing strategic marketing tactics targeting high-opportunity markets such as the wine, beer, craft spirits and healthcare products would be a key success driver to meeting their revenue goals.

  • SEO & pay per click

  • Trade shows

The how - tactics

  • New brand rollout

  • Direct mail campaign

  • PR


Making a Measurable Impact

Significant diversification of sources and leads

Traffic and lead sources jumped from four channels to eight with the successful introduction of tactics like social media marketing, paid advertising, PR/referrals and email marketing campaigns.

“I never thought I would start to see leads coming in from social media, but that’s exactly what has started to happen.” - Jeff Sommer, Lorpon Labels, VP Business Development

Traffic and conversion went through the roof

The Search Engine Optimization work, coupled with lead generation tactics over multiple channels resulted in a huge traffic increase to the Lorpon Labels website—to the tune of a 750% increase in website sessions over 3 years. The dominant traffic generator was content (you could say, it was King). The amount of keywords ranking in search engines (and generating organic traffic results) went from 45 to 85 after a year-long content calendar including articles, blogs, video, case studies and infographics.

“The Hop Skip team have been the driving force behind the content creation and thought leadership at Lorpon. Through our discussions and brainstorming we have come up with ideas and provided rough point form ideas that then come to life in the form of articles, blog posts, and social media activity.” - Jeff Sommer, Lorpon Labels, VP Business Development

The new website became a lead to conversion machine. 40% of all web leads converted to a client, proving that the tactics addressing lead quality and online conversion were definitely working!

Proof that direct mail isn’t dead.

We developed a direct mail campaign to bust down the doors of Canadian distilleries. Our Own the Shelf campaign was sent to decision makers of 70 Canadian distillers, of which 68% engaged in the campaign and 7% converted into net new Lorpon Label clients.

Our team at Hop Skip Marketing continues to take Lorpon Labels business to new heights. As their acting marketing department we are actively involved in developing their marketing strategies, planning, execution and reporting.